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How To Save Energy In The Office This Winter

Most Irish organisations are looking to reduce their energy costs and carbon emissions as we move into winter. Gannon has compiled a simple list of our top tips on how to make your office more energy efficient. Keeping The Heat In Keep windows and doors closed when the heating is on Alert management to any [...]

People Focused Design

At the core of ergonomic design is the idea that us humans were designed to move and our office furniture should reflect this. Ergonomic designers focus on people and how they might interact with an object. In the work place the practice of ergonomics is quite simply about making people more comfortable at work, helping [...]

5 Simple Ergonomic Steps To Stay Safe In The Workplace

It's time to get ergonomic at work! An ergonomically minded office will actually save money for businesses in the long run and staff will also get the most out of their time at work. Employees will generally be happier, healthier and more productive, while the risks and potential costs of long-term problems from unhealthy working [...]

How To Keep Cool And Get The Most Out Of Your Office This Summer

We don’t always experience soaring temperatures of summer heat in Ireland, but many of us still find that during the warm months of the year, our offices can at times feel too hot and stuffy to work in. Not to mention, many employees find that the glaring summer sunshine can be quite a distraction. If [...]

Top 5 Tips To Increase Productivity In The Office

Many of us struggle to find ways to become more productive at work and succeed in the workplace. In order to help, here are 5 effective tips for increasing your productivity at work and making the most out of your time in the office. 1) Have a 'To-Do' List Keeping your goals and tasks organised [...]

The Benefits of Arm and Wrist Supports

Do you spend hours typing at your computer every day? Do you frequently use your mouse and keyboard to play video games or surf the web? In both cases, you could be feeling some effects of RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury), also known as CTS (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome). Fortunately, it’s fairly easy to prevent these injuries [...]

Why Ergonomic Desks Are Better For Your Staff’s Mental & Physical Well-being

As any employer, you want your staff to be as happy and productive as possible, so you can keep making money and keep everyone employed. One of the easiest ways to ensure this is by providing ergonomic desks in your office environment. Not all desks are created equal, however, and picking the right desk can [...]

How To Avoid Repetitive Strain Injury In The Workplace

Repetition of a movement, inactivity and bad posture in the workplace can all, over time, lead to physical problems such as Repetitive Strain injury. Often, we are causing unnecessary strain to ourselves without even being aware. In addition to this, there are increased risks of more serious health problems in later life. Those who remain seated [...]

How To Make Your Workplace Winter Ready

If you’re an office manager or employer, you should consider what steps you can take to ensure your workplace is organised, prepared and equipped during this winter. Here are some ideas to help you prepare your office space for the winter of 2021 and early 2022. Provide All Staff Easy Access To PPE In light [...]

Four Great Reasons To Invest In Ergonomic Chairs

As Gannon Ergonomics has discussed in the past, there are so many reasons to go ergonomic in your workplace. Office employees may be at risk with their current seating and this could lead to serious health problems. Staff morale can also be drastically improved, as low quality office chairs will cause discomfort that will result [...]

Prepare Your Office For Your Returning Employees

After 16 months of remote work, many thousands of employees across Ireland are starting to return to an office they haven’t seen since March of 2020. For some, this is a daunting task and some can experience varying degrees of anxiety. As we have discussed in previous blogs, employee wellness increases their productivity for your [...]

Top 5 Good Habits For Working From Home

By now, many of us have been working from home on and off for over a year. Some of us have returned to the workplace and some of us are probably going to be at home for the foreseeable future. Due to Covid-19, work culture has changed for a lot of people and many big [...]

The Top Benefits To Having An Ergonomic Workplace

The bottom line for your company is to be able to make money and hopefully see incremental growth. So is having an ergonomically minded office worth the investment? What if we told you that in the long run, you would actually save money and get the most out of your staff by going ergonomic? Today [...]

Give Your Workplace An Ergonomic Revamp!

If you're looking to upscale your workplace with some new furniture, there are so many reasons to invest in ergonomic products. Not only will you be happier with an ergonomic revamp, you’re employees will also be healthier. As we’ve said before, prolonged inactivity and bad posture can lead to physical problems such as Repetitive Strain [...]

Check Out Our Partner Websites!

At Gannon, we offer multiple specialist services to cater to the corporate world; including ergonomic furniture, office interiors, managed print technology and office supplies. In order to separate our services, we created a dedicated website for each area. Office Interiors Specialists We partnered with market-leading brands to provide a diverse choice of office interiors and [...]

4 Reasons Companies Are Investing In Standing Desks For Their Employees

In the past, Gannon has spoken about the long-term problems that people can be at risk to from bad posture at work. However there are also problems which can arise down the line as a result of prolonged sitting. Studies have even suggested an "association of sedentary time with diabetes" and "cardiovascular disease". A standing [...]

Deal with Height Issues in Your Office

Do you find that you’re sitting at an uncomfortable position in your office because you are forced into awkward posture? As we have discussed before, there are many negative long term ramifications to having bad posture and if you think being taller than average is leading to unnecessary strain in your job, then consider some [...]

Avoid Back Pain at the Office

As we have discussed before, repetitive strain injury can be a common problem in the workplace for people who either don’t have the right equipment or don’t have the correct posture. Today we will be looking at the effects office work can have on your back. Here are some easy ways you can instantly improve [...]

Ergonomics for an Aging Workforce

While it is valuable to prepare for the changing requirements and expectations of younger employees  we simply can’t forget about a huge portion of the workforce. As retirement age is going up, we can expect more and people working through their late 50s and well into their 60s. As people age, the start to lose [...]

Assistive Technology – Gannon Ergonomics

The best modern offices are the ones adapting and changing with modern technology. People can face a number of issues that restrict or impair functions. This can be for a multitude of reasons and surface in a multitude of factors. A person can experience a host of difficulties, including visual and hearing challenges, which can [...]

The Importance of Ergonomic Design Approaches in the Workplace

In the past, the workplace was often stuffy, sectioned off and counterproductive. Today, however, more emphasis is being placed in offices on ergonomic workplace design. What does it mean to say something is ergonomic? Ergonomics is the focus on employee efficiency in the workplace, based on their relationship with not just the aesthetic, but also [...]