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The best modern offices are the ones adapting and changing with modern technology. People can face a number of issues that restrict or impair functions. This can be for a multitude of reasons and surface in a multitude of factors.

A person can experience a host of difficulties, including visual and hearing challenges, which can exist at varying degrees. Modern technology, however, is making it possible for people to work just like everyone else in the office.

Below are two examples of software that can be utilised in your workplace.

Low Vision Software

Automated text readers and text magnifiers are great ways for people who have trouble seeing or reading on-screen text. Some products even combine these features. For example, the ZoomText Magnifier & Reader is a fantastic example of this.

The ZoomText Reader reader element can be automated to read through text in documents, emails and web pages, which is then projected through speakers.

The magnifier element enlarges the content on-screen, making everything far easier to see

Speech to Text Technology

Speech recognition software allows those who may suffer from dyslexia, or a condition preventing them from typing, to verbally dictate a document or email. The software recognises and mirrors a person’s spoken words as on-screen text.

Dragon ‘Naturallyspeaking’ Professional is a reliable and high-quality piece of software, which provides these functions at an optimum level.

  • Work Faster and Smarter

    Speech Recognition software provides people with dyslexia and other disabilities the freedom to write and control their computer with their voice. With perfect spelling and audio feedback it enables the user to get their thoughts down quickly and easily enables professional, correctly spelt documents. Email, documents and spreadsheets can be created three times faster than most people type with exceptional accuracy – simply by speaking. Most people speak over 120 words per minute, but type less than 40 words a minute. Speech recognition software is ideal for those with mobility problems such as dyspraxia or RSI as voice controls can be used to move around the computer.

For more on improving and modernising the workplace, please see our news section. If you’re interested in the products discussed today, we have them and many more assistive technology products in stock.

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