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  • The 260 HiVis range opens up new opportunities for those with impaired eye site.

    It has been widely recognised that people with impaired sight respond more positively to Yellow fonts on a Black background as opposed to White fonts on a Black background.

    With its Black background and enlarged Yellow font the HiVis is a cost effective assistant.
    If the 260 is not enough for you why not take a look at the KeyMonster that has keys more than double the size of a conventional board.

    Enhanced 105 Windows key layout
    Highly reliable membrane contact technology
    Responsive tactile feed-back keys

    1 year warranty

    Dimensions: 456 mm x 168 mm x 40 mm
    Weight 0.72kg

  • This ergonomically designed input device that helps reduce stress to the nerve in the carpal tunnel and to the muscles in the user’s arm. It has also been shown in clinical trials to reduce discomfort for computer users.

    Please note, image displayed is version with cord.

  • This ergonomically designed input device that helps reduce stress to the nerve in the carpal tunnel and to the muscles in the user’s arm. It has also been shown in clinical trials to reduce discomfort for computer users.

  • A tailor-made Arm Support with asymmetric design. Designed for the Ergoslider Plus+ to fit perfectly in the top part of the arm rest.
    680mm long x 280mm wide

  • Separate keypad with four additional, freely programmable, relegendable keys. USB Version with PS/2 Connector.

  • The Cirque Easy Cat Touchpad makes it easier than ever to control your computer. Simply glide your finger over the smooth surface to point, then tap on the pad or press on the buttons to click. Activate vertical scroll by simply gliding a finger along the right edge of the touchpad.

    This touchpad works out of the box with all native Microsoft Windows® operating systems. No drivers required.

  • The Cirque Smart Cat PRO® adds the flexibility of programmable hotlinks. These one-touch zones can be independently programmed to: execute programs/commands, open files, control browser functions, assign (toggle) mouse actions and control cursor modes. Basic mouse functions too are easy to control. Access right-clicks by tapping a finger in the touchpad’s upper right corner.

  • With intelligent software, one-touch scroll and zoom, and distinctive sounds for each operation, the Cirque Smart Cat® combines all the power of a top-of-the-line mouse with the unrivalled comfort and durability of a touchpad.

  • Contour Mouse is ergonomically designed to support your hand comfortably without the need to clutch the mouse to control it. Excessive clutching and finger flexing can aggravate the hand and wrist resulting in repetitive strain injuries. The mouse has a thumb support and helps RSI sufferers by easing pressure on the wrist.

    Find the Perfect Fit
    The table below is an aid to help you determine what Perfit Mouse Optical size you will need. You should measure your hand size using a ruler and compare the result to determine the recommended size.

    • Measure on the palm side of the hand, from the tip of the middle finger to the first wrist crease with your hand held flat
    • Compare your measurement with the table below.

    Note: If your hand measurement is between two sizes and you have a relatively thin hand, select the larger size. If you have a thick palm you should choose the smaller of the two.

    ImperialMetricMouse Size
    6-3/4″to 7-1/2″17 to 19 cmMedium
    7-1/2″ to 8-1/419 to 21 cmLarge
  • The latest upgrade to the RollerMouseFree comes the Free3
    which brings you the same ergonomic design, precision and
    quality but with more features.
    A new type of sensor located underneath the rollerbar, allowing
    for more precise cursor movements.
    Greater accuracy and with ten cursor speed selection. from 800
    to 2800 dpi, more padding with its new built-in wrist rest for
    increased comfort.
    It also has a sturdier aluminum base and a quieter click.
    8 programmable buttons with two new buttons for forward and
    back in most Internet browsers.
    For OSX, Windows. plug and play USB Connection
    Available Wired or Wireless

  • RollerMouse Pro3 is developed for demanding tasks that requires repetitive movements.
    Pro3 is a great option for professionals and anyone else who uses a mouse for long periods every day.
    Sitting below your keyboard, Pro3 eliminates the need to reach for the mouse, lessening stress from your neck to your fingers.
    The width of this RollerMouse makes it especially suitable for standard or full-­size keyboards for comfortable typing.
    Rollermouse Pro3 allows you to work faster, and more comfortably.

  • Experience unrivalled feel, speed and pinpoint accuracy from one good-looking ergonomic mouse.
    Solid, sleek and durable aluminium houses Contour’s 7SENSES™ tracking technology.
    Thicker and textured roller bar for increased feel and cursor control.
    Eight key functions made for productivity and ergonomics, including the “one touch” double click, copy and paste. Aluminium body with detachable leatherette wrist rest Plug and play USB installation – no driver required Compatible with Apple OSX, Apple Mac OS 8.1 or newer, Microsoft Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP/ME/98 and comes with a 2-year warranty.

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