How To Make Your Workplace Winter Ready

How To Make Your Workplace Winter Ready

If you’re an office manager or employer, you should consider what steps you can take to ensure your workplace is organised, prepared and equipped during this winter. Here are some ideas to help you prepare your office space for the winter of 2021 and early 2022.

Provide All Staff Easy Access To PPE

In light of the ongoing COVID-19 concerns in Ireland, it’s still extremely important this year as the government continues to advise that staff are protected under the HSE guidelines. Your staff need to be safe in the office for work this winter, when people are more likely to fall ill in general. You should offer hand sanitiser, disinfectant wipes, and any PPE that the HSE advises. Staff will feel safe and comfortable when they enter the workplace, and everyone will have a happier experience during the winter months.

Let The Light In

As we all know, the days are much darker and the sun sets that bit earlier during the winter months. Reduced lighting can affect the morale of employees and in some cases, cause some members of staff to become depressed.  Ensure that you are maximising the electric lighting within the office, and pay particular attention to how you utilise natural lighting. Natural lighting is always better, but a fantastic alternative to fluorescent office lights in the darker hours is UV lighting. One of the best ways to let in as much natural light as possible is to make sure the office windows are regularly and properly cleaned. Clean windows without the coverings of blinds or curtains, will help to expose your employees to greater levels of natural light and boost morale.

Keep Your Floors Safe

During winter months, the great outdoors can feature snow, sleet, frost, salt, rain and more. As a result, staff are more at risk to slipping and falling in the workplace. It’s important that you prepare for the outdoor changes by investing in anti-slip floor mats and, at the very least, placing them around all entrances in the building.

While it’s true that the months pose more challenges and risks in the office, taking some time to implement the above steps make a huge difference, providing comfort, happiness and safety to employees.


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