There has been much research in recent years which has proved that sitting in one position throughout the day can be bad for your health and efficiency. Sit-Stand working has grown very popular as it enables users to vary their position throughout the day, spending some of the time sitting and some of the time standing whilst continuing to work efficiently.

Telescopic electric desks make it easy to alter your position from sitting to standing, raising and lowering the desk smoothly, safely and effortlessly at the touch of a switch. Our desks are very well designed, extremely reliable and cost effective and can be easily adjusted in width to accommodate most sizes of desktop.

Sit-Stand desks are also beneficial for users of different statures who share the same workstation as the working height can be easily adjusted to the optimal height whether the user is 146cm or 205cm tall.

Improved comfort; improved efficiency; improved circulation; reduced fatigue; reduced aching backs and necks.

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Showing all 8 results