How To Keep Cool And Get The Most Out Of Your Office This Summer

How To Keep Cool And Get The Most Out Of Your Office This Summer

We don’t always experience soaring temperatures of summer heat in Ireland, but many of us still find that during the warm months of the year, our offices can at times feel too hot and stuffy to work in. Not to mention, many employees find that the glaring summer sunshine can be quite a distraction. If you want your staff to keep cool and productive this summer, here are some useful tips to optimise your workplace for the season!

1) Take a proactive step against glaring sunlight

A great way to reduce the often distracting and irritating rays of sun in your office is to install blinds. However there are plenty of other creative ways to lessen the glare of the sun for staff, during those brightest afternoon hours.

For example, you can also rethink your colour scheme by painting your office walls a bright colour. Having white or beige walls will soften the sharp contrasts between the glare of the sun and the inside of your office. Don’t fancy investing in new blinds? Why not strategically place some potted plants by your windows? This way you can block the worst of the sun’s glare, while being both eco-friendly and decorative!

2) Keep people hydrated

We have talked before about how important it is for staff to feel comfortable and healthy while in the office, as this boosts morale and productivity for your business. Don’t forget to make cool water easily accessible for all employees during the warm summer months, as offices can get quite stuffy and overheated throughout the working day. When you look out for the happiness and health of your employees, you look after the productivity of your employees.

3) Switch off your office equipment

This one isn’t just great for the environment, it’s also a way to cool down your office space. When you leave office equipment on standby or in ‘sleep mode’, it will still use over half as much energy as when you have it fully powered on. 

Devices such as computers, printers and scanners will all contribute to a general rise in temperature. This may not be noticeable in the winter months, but if your office is already stuffy and it’s mid-July, your staff may feel the effects without even realising it. If you want to reduce the stuffy atmosphere of your office, while saving money and also helping the environment, switch off your machines.

4) We’re fans of cooling fans!

High office temperatures in enclosed office spaces can lead to staff feeling anywhere from lethargic, to in some cases even claustrophobic. If you really want to offset that stuffy and cramped office feeling, it’s time to invest in cooling fans and air purifiers. Both air purifiers and cooling fans can have a huge impact on your office, especially during the summer months.  With a consistent and gentle flow of fresher air, staff will feel less stuffy and more alert. This way, you will get higher levels of productivity and less people falling asleep!


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