Avoid Back Pain at the Office

As we have discussed before, repetitive strain injury can be a common problem in the workplace for people who either don’t have the right equipment or don’t have the correct posture. Today we will be looking at the effects office work can have on your back.

Here are some easy ways you can instantly improve your chances of avoiding back pain.

Be Within Reach

The next time you sit at your desk, you should be immediately aware of two things. The position of your mouse and the position of your chair.

Ensure that your mouse is close to the edge of your desk, along with the keyboard. This is to prevent you from leaning forward to the far end of your desk, for prolonged periods of time. Sometimes rewiring the cables or your PC can be extremely helpful for this.

Additionally, your seat should be positioned close to the desk to the point there is no need for you to lean forward or strain yourself.

Be Aware of how you are Sitting.

Avoid letting your head slouch forward and keep it in line with your neck and shoulders. The human head is much heavier than we give it credit and prolonged slouching can help cause back and neck pain.

Try to reduce the time spent with your legs crossed and instead place your feet flat on the floor. Crossing your legs removes the same level of balance for your spine and will over time increase negative pressure.

Invest in Lumbar Support

There are some excellent products which can greatly help to avoid back pain and maintain good posture. Lumbar support rolls,  seat wedges and padded back supports are very helpful.

For more information, take a look at our supply of back support products today.

  • 5″ x 11″ lumbar roll in grey with adjustable strap. Support when and where you need it in the home, car or office.
    The easily-portable roll should fit snugly in the small of the back.

  • An 8 degree seat wedge with a coccyx cutout in memory foam. It can correct poor seat design or provide a forward tilt when sitting.
    Size: 360 x 360 x 70 mm.

    The image shows both the Seat Wedge and the Seat Wedge with Coccyx Cutout.

  • Designed to reduce back pain and increase the postural quality of the office chair. The Back Friend is portable, with a hand grip for ease of carrying when folded. It can be used on any seat to give the same level of comfort wherever you sit. The De Luxe model has an extra thick 50mm padded seat.

    Seat thickness 50 mm.
    Backrest width 295 mm.
    Backrest Height 480 mm.
    Seat 410 x 365mm (w x d).

  • Dynaspine™ is a revolution in portable back supports, as its unique design provides dynamic support for the back.

    Dynaspine™ is designed to help alleviate back ache or back pain and also to prevent symptoms of a bad back, whilst in the seated position.

    Dynaspine™ is particularly helpful if you have muscle aches, nerve pains and tension in your spine or shoulders, which are aggravated by sitting.

    Helps alleviate pain in the lower back. Relieves neck and shoulder tension. Allows for a dynamic, ergonomically sound seated position, which reduces pressure on the spinal joints and discs. Provides consistent support, through changes in posture, whilst in the seated position. Reduces aching and numbness in the gluteal muscles.

    How does it work?

    The key features of Dynaspine have been constructed based on the latest research findings on back pain reduction, therefore maximising the benefits for the user:

    • Height adjustable to allow for correct fitting to huge variety of back types and body sizes.
    • Flexible design conforms to the contours of your spine for ideal fit.
    • Central vent to promote optimal airflow.
    • Ergonomic design allows movement while still offering optimal support.
    • Encourages forward positioning of your hips on the chair which takes the pressure off the back of your thighs and aligns the spine correctly.

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